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TECNAM strengthens presence in Australia and New Zealand with corporate subsidiary
Wednesday, 18 October 2017

TECNAM Aircraft s.r.l. of Capua, Italy, is proud to announce that it has newly established a corporate presence in Australia. The company's worldwide Sales Director, Mr Walter Da Costa, made the announcement today, saying that it will be managed by its Australian Sales Team.

After many years of successful operation, and with a brand-new product line to be offered in General Aviation, TECNAM has decided to confirm its presence in Australia and to sell and support its products directly", Mr Da Costa said.

The company has prepared its marketing strategy, which will be in two parts. The first is its long-established and highly respected 600kg MTOW Light Sport Aircraft product line, which can be registered in the Recreational Aviation Australia area or VH with CASA. TECNAM will spearhead this entry into the market with its high-performing P2008 model, which has great looks, an impressive history of durability and is the ideal aircraft for all types of operations from personal flying to training.

Mr Da Costa said that management of the Light Sport Aircraft fleet, along with the management and supply of all spare parts, will be carried out by Mr Bruce Stark, a long-term representative of TECNAM products in Australia.

TECNAM is also announcing its entry into the certified Australian General Aviation market with the introduction of three new models. The P2006T is an outstanding light twin aircraft operating Rotax engines and it provides an ideal platform for Twin IFR training, as well as personal twin-engine transport. In addition, the company is offering a Special Mission Platform (SMP), which will be highly suitable for customs and police operations, fire management and border protection, capable of carrying top levels of surveillance equipment in its specially prepared structure.

TECNAM will also introduce the P2012 Traveller, a twin-engine, eleven-seat, Lycoming-powered commuter aircraft that will be very effective in the service of Australian requirements for rapid, economical, intermediate-range operations which have regional passenger loadings.

The P2010 will be managed by Mr Allan Bligh, who is one of Australia's most respected aircraft sales representatives, together with his long-term associate, Mr Spencer Ferrier of Sydney.

"We are really proud to commence our corporate presence in Australia with such a strong and capable sales team," Mr Da Costa said. "The introduction of our heavier aircraft in the VH category will make a strong mark in Australian aviation and we look forward to serving the Australian travelling public with our well-proven, advanced design, economical fleet."

"The future of any successful company is 'relentless innovation' of the product and the business plan. In the 17 years I have been associated with TECNAM Italy, this has been the culture of the company and its staff. I look forward to being part of the new team in the Australian and New Zealand". Said Bruce Stark

As the late Professor Luigi Pascale, co-founder of the company with his brother, has said so often: "Designing and building aeroplanes is not just a job, it is an extension of our passion for flying."

TECNAM has been constructing aircraft for more than 70 years, starting with its first design, the P48, in 1948. Since then the company, based in Capua, Italy, has grown to be the world's second-largest General Aviation aircraft manufacturer. Its dedication to reliability, quality manufacture, innovation and ruggedness is proudly based upon its motto, "Our customers are our friends".

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