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Stavatti announces new military aircraft lineup
Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. announces a new military aircraft lineup of current production and new design military trainer, attack, and fighter aircraft for the next decade. From the current production SM-95 Lasta to the new design SM-39 Razor, scheduled for first flight in 2027, the lineup provides a comprehensive air defense solution for U.S. allied air forces worldwide.

Building upon Stavatti's April 19th Agreement on Strategic Partnership and Long Term Business and Technical Cooperation with JugoImport-SDPR, Stavatti is introducing current production as well as upgraded versions of past production Serbian/Yugoslavian aircraft as part of the immediate Stavatti product line. These aircraft, including the SM-95 Lasta, SM-96 Super Lasta SM-4/SM-5 Super Galeb and SM-22 Super Eagle, build on the proven Lasta 95, G-4 Super Galeb and J-22 Orao and will be manufactured to Stavatti specifications at the aircraft production center in Pancevo, Serbia for worldwide export.

The SM-95 Lasta is now in production and can satisfy immediate needs for military basic trainers. To address near-term light attack and COIN requirements, Stavatti will produce the SM-96 Super Lasta as a light attack variant of the SM-95. To address advanced flight training, the Super Galeb will enter production as the SM-4 and the SM-5 Super Galebs. To satisfy near-term strike and attack aircraft needs, Stavatti will introduce the SM-22 as a new production, proven affordable combat aircraft with new avionics and sensors.

Potentially addressing future USAF Light Attack and Close Air Support needs, Stavatti has introduced the SM-95 Lasta and SM-4 Super Galeb as aircraft that could now participate in the Capability Assessment of Non-Developmental Light Attack Platforms to USAF Point of Contract Patrick Kelleher. Stavatti can also offer the SM-96, SM-5 and SM-22 as potential alternative Light Attack and CAS solutions to the USAF.

To address next-generation trainer, attack, and fighter needs, Stavatti's military aircraft lineup includes the new design Javelin, Machete, Stalma, and Razor aircraft now under development. The Stavatti Javelin will be produced in both supersonic trainer (T-X) and Light Fighter (LF) configurations to provide a comprehensive, low- observable T-38/F-5 successor. To address tomorrow's Close Air Support needs, Stavatti is continuing development work on the Turboprop SM-27 Machete and Turbofan-powered SM-28 Machete. Building on the Machete family, the SM-47 Super Machete will be produced as a readily exportable, supermaneuverable Air Defense Fighter. To address sixth generation fighter requirements, Stavatti is reintroducing the SM-36 Stalma as a reimagined, low observable, super maneuverable Multi-Role Fighter scheduled for first flight no later than 2024. Stavatti is continuing to develop the twin engine SM-39 Razor, anticipated to fly as a prototype in 2027, as the Stavatti future Air Dominance and Penetrating Counter Air solution.

Providing a complete line of air defense solutions, Stavatti is now offering current production aircraft to meet immediate trainer and attack needs as well as all-new Stavatti aircraft to satisfy the requirements of tomorrow.

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