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Quick Build now available for Chipper Experimental Aircraft
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The two place Chipper STOL aircraft kit is now available in an FAA approved Quick Build configuration. The wings, rear fuselage and cabin are all assembled and shipped to the builder, saving about half of the build time.

This new option is intro priced at $9900, not including the base cost of the kit, crating and shipping.

"For $9900, a builder can cut project hours nearly in half and receive professionally built subassemblies for our STOL two place aircraft," said James Wiebe, CEO of Chipper Aerospace (a Belite company). "The rear fuselage is completely finished, ready to rivet onto the cabin. The cabin is completely finished. The wings are supplied ready to accept control surfaces and wingtips."

"Early builder feedback suggests our 1000 hour build time quote was overly pessimistic," Wiebe continued. "That's good news. Combined with this Quick Build option, our Chipper can get you flying very quickly."

The exact configuration of each supplied subassembly is as follows:

Wings -- Main wing body done. Ready for fuel tank installation and fuel line routing. Ready for ailerons and flap installation and control system routing. Ready for wing tip installation. Wingtips, ailerons, flaps, fuel system, control lines not assembled or installed. Ribs are ready for fabric covering.

Cabin -- Ready to accept control system installation, interior finish, doors, firewall forward, instruments. Ready to rivet to rear fuselage.

Rear Fuselage -- Ready to accept tailfeathers, tailwheel. Ready to accept control line routing to rear surfaces. Ready to rivet to cabin.

Canadian authorities have advised us that they will reciprocate to the U.S. FAA Kit Registry, so these options are available in Canada.

The base Chipper airframe kit is $11,495, and the taildragger finishing kit is $3,495.

Current lead time for a kit is about six weeks. The lead time for a Quick Build kit is currently four months, with early shipment of builder portions possible.

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