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New white paper addresses the importance of wire edging protection in aircraft safety
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi), a leader in the design and manufacture of wire protection grommet edging, enclosure/door seals and fiber management components, has published a new white paper that discusses the critical safety implications of regulations covering aircraft wiring protection. The informative paper addresses the focus on EWIS as an aircraft system and ways to comply with the FAA's directives on a range of wiring protection actions.

The increased use of advanced avionics in most aircraft systems requires more wiring throughout the aircraft. The FAA now recognizes that ensuring the protection of this wiring and its related components is essential for safety of flight.

Titled "Implications for OEMs and MROs of Wiring (EWIS) Being Regulated as an Aircraft System," the paper discusses the many actions that need to be taken to ensure wiring protection including point-to-point connections, distance of wiring from the structure of the aircraft, appropriate bend radii for re-directed cables, clamping every 14-18 inches, and wire protection on sharp edges to prevent chafing and arcing.

"The FAA is clearly placing a greater emphasis on wiring which had rarely received any special maintenance or inspections," said Nick Petri, President and CEO of DTi. "They now clearly mandate that all electronic distribution wiring must be protected against wire chafe, wire abrasion, and wire arcing. We produced this paper to explain the FAA directive and offer suggestions on how OEMs and MROs can comply."

The paper also talks about DTi's revolutionary Spring-Fast M22529 anti-chafe edging that provides better protection than traditional nylon-based solutions at half the install cost. Nylon edging has no inherent retentive strength and must be adhesive bonded to the airframe. Installation is messy and time consuming and often results in process rework due to dis-bondment and "egg-shaping" of the grommet.

"In contrast, Spring-Fast grommet edging permanently installs in seconds with no need for adhesives" said Petri. "Just as important, its CRES substrate and patented polymer coating provides superior retentive strength, durability, flame resistance, anti-chafe, and abrasion protection."

DTi will be showcasing Spring-Fast M22529 at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) Hamburg show April 10-12.

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