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GE turboprops help power U.S. Coast Guard Deepwater program
Tuesday, 20 February 2007

The first CT7-9C3-powered CN-235-300 for the U.S. Coast Guard Deepwater program is now in the hands of the customer.

Deepwater is a multiyear, multibillion-dollar program to modernize and replace the Coast Guard's aging ships and aircraft. The twin-engine CN-235 medium-range surveillance, maritime patrol aircraft (MRSMPA) replaces the Falcon 20 and provides more endurance and a more cost-effective mission solution.

Modifications are currently being made to the inaugural aircraft's mission equipment, and then it will be sent to the USCG Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama, for both aircrew and maintenance training. The second and third aircraft will follow in February and March. The first plane is scheduled for entry into service with the Coast Guard this fall.

The current Deepwater implementation plan calls for production and system integration of 36 CT7-9C3-powered MRSMPA aircraft through 2017.

The size, range and reconfiguration capabilities of the EADS-CASA CN-235 powered by twin GE 1,870-shaft-horsepower CT7-9C3s helped garner the order. This aircraft will enable the Coast Guard to improve upon the execution of its missions, which include marine safety and security, search-and-rescue, law enforcement, coastal surveillance and environmental protection.

"GE has a long history and strong relationship with the Coast Guard on their Jayhawk program," said Marty Lucenti, GE Aviation's CT7 CN-235 program manager. "The CT7-powered CN-235 has a proven track record with customers around the globe, and we're excited about its new role and selection by the U.S. Coast Guard."

Today, the CT7-9C3 turboprop, installed on the CN-235 airframe, is delivering excellent STOL (short takeoff/landing) performance on unpaved runways, with the range, payload flexibility and economy of operation required in both the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters of operation.

"This engine-airframe combination has proven itself in both military and commercial service with over 20 years of service and in excess of 23 million hours of operation on both Saab and EADS-CASA airframes. The CT7 turboprop has benefited from a common heritage and shared technology of the T700/CT7 engine line and continues to evolve. We are excited to be on a new Coast Guard platform and we are confident all our Coast Guard customers will benefit," said Scott Reed, GE director - U.S. Military Programs.

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