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Bental's MicroBat debuts in Paris as an integrated system on Innocon's Micro Falcon UAV platforms
Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Bental Industries, Ltd., Israel's defense industry leading electric motion and power systems supplier and its source for micro and mini UAV stabilized payload systems, will integrate its proven MicroBat-275 on Innocon's Micro Falcon UAVs. Bental's Starter Generator systems have already been integrated on Innocon's Mini Falcon UAV platforms. Intended to be announced at this year's Paris Air Show, this new agreement takes the companies' cooperation to another level by ensuring that now, MicroBat will be an integral part of Innocon's Micro Falcon. Innocon will therefore, market its Micro Falcon UAVs with Bental's MicroBat integrated from the start, as part of each platform.

"This is an important step in our efforts to team up with other companies for the purpose of integrating our systems on their platforms", said Bental's CEO Shmuel Mandel. He further pointed out that, "Innocon's MicroBat selection as the second Bental system integrated onboard their mini and micro UAVs, underscores, yet again, the experience based confidence that our partners and clients have in our systems. Making our MicroBat integral to, and marketed as part of Innocon's Micro Falcon UAV platforms, mark another step in the way our systems are understood and used by designers and producers of cutting edge platforms of all types".

Intended for integration on a variety of air, land, and sea platforms, MicroBAT is an operational system integrated on different types of air and land UAVs as well as on a variety of other platforms. Claimed the world's smallest and most compact stabilized payload system for mini and micro UAVs, MicroBAT meets the complex and evolving challenges of surveillance, reconnaissance, and observation missions. The MicroBAT family includes models for various platform sizes, and it is ideal for use in a wide range of small UAV applications including VTOL. Designed for both day and night operation, this rugged, light, and powerful stabilized system seamlessly integrates its camera to enable precise control of zoom, shutter, and focus from the air or by ground operators. With its remarkable flexibility, the MicroBat-275 can be mounted almost anywhere on practically any type of platform.

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Innocon Ltd. Airframer
Bental Industries Ltd. Electric Motors, Cameras (Airborne), Starter Generators
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