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Stavatti responds to Iraq trainer aircraft RFI
Friday, 10 July 2009

On July 10th Stavatti Military Aerospace submitted a response to RFI Solicitation Number FA8617-E4-DSBU: Trainer Aircraft for the Iraq Air Force. The response proposed the SM-27T Machete Advanced Turboprop Trainer as a solution to the Iraq Trainer Aircraft requirement. The 25-page submission was sent to Ms. Robin Mosley at the 877 AESG/SYI, 1970 Monahan Way, Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433.

The RFI called for the production and delivery to the Iraq Air Force of at least seven advanced trainer aircraft, an Instrument Flight Trainer (IFT), one year of Contractor Logistical Support (CLS), technical and training manuals, ground support equipment and spare parts. The seven new trainers will be added to an existing fleet of eight T-6A Texan II training aircraft presently based in Tikrit. The required award date for the contract is 2009 with delivery in 2010. The aircraft will prepare Iraqi flight academy pilots for future fighter aircraft training.

The new design SM-27T Machete Trainer will provide:

"Dedicated COIN and light CAS capability while serving as a high performance advanced trainer to instruct warfighters newly graduated from basic trainers. An ideal successor to turboprops including the EMB-314/ALX, T-6A/PC-9, PC-21 and KO-1, the SM-27S/T is a weapon system that can meets training needs without sacrificing combat capability."

Additionally, the Stavatti response stated:

"The SM-27T is a clean sheet of paper, next-generation advanced turboprop training solution that will provide fast-jet, high-performance fighter orientation while maintaining commonality with the existing T-6A Texan II fleet. A significantly larger aircraft than the T-6A, the SM-27T is a trainer derived from a combat aircraft. As the need for Irregular Warfare solutions grow, the SM-27T can be readily converted from trainer to light attack roles with little modification, resulting in a true combat ready solution that significantly exceeds AT-6B capabilities.

Designed to meet advanced trainer needs for the next 40 years, the SM-27T is a worthy successor to the PC-9, T-6A, EMB-314 and other turboprop trainers designed and developed in the late 1970s. With a modern, F-16 inspired cockpit, in-flight refueling capability, 9-G maneuver capability with no external stores, self-start and desert operation design features and rugged, long-life construction, the SM-27T will provide greater value over its operating life than any other competing design."

To address the acquisition and deployment timeframe, Stavatti stated:

"Stavatti is poised to prototype the SM-27T new design immediately. Under development since 2007, the current SM-27T configuration is ready to enter a Fast-Track Demonstration & Validation program using a "Skunk Works" style prototyping program to achieve SM-27T Prototype Air Vehicle first flight by December 2009 and FAA Certification/Military Qualification before January 2011. This will enable delivery of seven new, initial production aircraft to the Iraq Air Force by June 2011. It is likely that competing trainer aircraft will also incorporate mid-2011 delivery dates due to their existing backlog conditions."

The response was submitted with Stavatti serving as Prime Contractor and primary vendor for the provision of Contractor Logistical Support (CLS). The Machete Program Team as proposed consists of over 150 Industry Team Members committed to program success.

Stavatti Aerospace is an innovative enterprise focused on the design, development, and production of next generation manned and unmanned aerospace vehicles. Stavatti Aerospace is a division of Stavatti Heavy Industries, Ltd., a privately held American corporation.

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