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Hartzell offers propeller governors through Van's catalog for RV series kit aircraft.
Monday, 27 July 2009

Hartzell Propeller, the world leader in constant-speed props, has developed 'S-1- Series' propeller governors specifically for engines on Van's RV aircraft. Builders and owners with Lycoming O-320-D1A, O-360-A1A, IO-360-A1B6, and IO-360-M1B four-cylinder engines can install the S-1-10 governor, while the S-1-26 is applicable to the six-cylinder O-540-A4D5. The S-1-32 is associated with the IO-540-D4A5. The governors are now included in Van's RV sales catalog. The official catalog listing results in lower prices for registered RV kit owners, are available for immediate delivery on most models, and are priced at $1200.

Most applications feature "plug and play" adaptability and direct replacement convenience without modification to the engine mounting pad.

Greater pump capacity, with flow rates between 8 and 12 quarts per minute, reduces RPM surging and 'hunting', which typically occurs in hot conditions, distancing Hartzell's governors from those of other manufacturers.

It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 RV candidate engines flying currently, and Van's estimates that more than 9 new aircraft are completed every week, across the world.

"We have been the propeller of choice for a good majority of Vans' RV builders for more than 20 years," said Mike Disbrow, Hartzell's senior vice-president, marketing and customer service. "Today we are proud to offer our high performance, made-in-America governors to go along with our propellers for Van's builders and retrofitters at new, strongly competitive prices."

As with each of its products, Hartzell used a "best practices" design philosophy in developing its S-series of governors. "We were able to incorporate low-cost design and manufacturing methods without sacrificing our reputation for building extremely reliable and durable governors," said Disbrow. "The new units have also been designed to minimize installation effort and reduce maintenance, featuring better access to the mounting studs, an infinitely-adjustable control lever and a 6-position head."

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