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Yak-130 combat-capable trainer program is financed as per its schedule
Monday, 3 August 2009

Russia's Ministry of Defense is financing Yak-130 program fully according to schedule. All the aircraft of the initial batch produced by JSC «Nizhegorodskiy Aircraft plant «Sokol» are equipped with the engines. First Yak-130 out of 12 aircraft ordered by Russia's AF as per the state contract is undergoing flight acceptance tests at «Sokol» since 19/05/09.

New combat-capable trainer Yak-130 is developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau that makes part of Irkut Corporation. It is produced by «Sokol» and Irkutsk Aviation plant.

Yak-130 is selected as a base aircraft for lead-in and advanced training of the Russian AF pilots. Aircraft is intended for flight and combat training as well as for combat employment in any weather conditions against aerial and ground targets. Total combat load for the 9 suspension points can reach 3,000 kg.

Yak-130's advanced aerodynamics, new-gen avionics, state-of-the-art onboard systems and mighty power plant ensure the following:

- high efficiency training and combat performance;

- top level flight safety;

- low cost flight hour and service life.

Yak-130 subsonic flight performance and maneuverability characteristics approach those of modern supersonic fighters. Yak-130 is the key component of Russia's AF training suite that also includes integrated system of objective monitoring, computer-based training classes, full-mission and part-task simulators.

Contact details from our directory:
NAZ Sokol - a branch of JSC Final Assembly
Yakovlev Design Bureau, JSC Airframer
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