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Lake Aircraft assets offered for sale
Thursday, 15 October 2009

After 35 years of ownership, Revo Inc. is offering for sale lhe assels of Lake Aircraft, the only FAA-certified single-engine amphibious airplane  produced in the world. The offering includes all of the inte!lectual property and equipment needed to manufacture the lake Renegade, Seafury  and Seawolf airplanes. Aircraft produced by lake are among the most popular amphibians ever built. In production for five decades, more than  1300 lake amphibian aircraft are flying in over 50 countries around the world. 

'The sale of lake Aircraft is a rare opportunily to quickly set up manufacturing operations and continue production of the successful line of  amphibious airplanes," said Armand Rivard, President of Revo Inc., the lake Aircraft holding company. "In the worldwide general aviation  market, the lake amphibian has no FAA-certified competition in production today." 

Revo Inc. purchased the rights to the Lake Aircraft company in the early 70's and has been manufacturing and marketing the airplanes almost  continuously since then from ils facilities in Florida, New Hampshire, and Maine. The offered assels include lhe FAA Type Certificate (#1A13),  global manufacluring and marketing rights, component and assembly tooling, dies, jigs and engineering drawings for the Lake amphibian  airplanes. A team of lake experts will also be available to assisl in lhe transition and conlinued production. 

'The market is growing in all corners of the world for an affordable, easy-to-maintain airplane that can operale from land or water," said Rivard.  "The Lake amphibian market is especially robust in emerging economies where traditional aviation infrastructure is lacking.' 

Most importantly, there is no risk involved with development and certification because the Lake Amphibian is a certified and proven design. 

The current line of Lake Aircraft traces its lineage back to 1948 when the Lake made its first flight after engineers obtained the rights to an  amphibious civilian airplane developed at Grumman Aircraft Corp. Over the next few decades, the unmistakable Lake design - a boat-hulled  fuselage with a push-propeller engine mounted on top - evolved into an aviation classic much in demand for personal, business and government  uses. 

Today, the lake amphibian is known as a cost-effective and versatile aircraft that can operate in many land and sea environments and serve a  diversity of markets. With a range of 1000 nautical miles, the Lake can land in less than 900 feet on the ground and less than 600 feet on water,  with a lake-off distance under 1300 feet. Wide-stance landing gear enables the Lake to operate from paved and unpaved runways on land, while  its hull-shaped fuselage provides in-water handling that vastly exceeds traditional floatpianes. 

The Lake Model 250 Renegade is the most well known of the Lake amphibians This six-seat version has been used extensively for personal  and business purposes in the civilian world of general aviation. A turbo-charged variation known as the Seafury is also produced for faster  speed, high-allitude operations, and increased hauling capacity. The lake holds eight world records for speed and altitude in its class of aircraft. 

Responding to demand from governmental clients for enhanced multi-purpose capabilities, Lake modified the structure to accommodate greater  gross weight, expanded fuel capacity and additional internal passenger/cargo configurations. Designated the Seawolf, this lake varialion also  comes equipped with under-wing hard points for installation of a variety of external payloads. With these new features, the Seawolf appeals to  commercial, government and military markets where il is now used for research, search and rescue, environmental control, patrol and  reconnaissance, law enforcement, air evacuation, anti-smuggling and special operations.

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