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First Cabri G2 delivered to Eurocopter
Monday, 7 December 2009

On the 24th of November, at Aix-les-Milles airport, Eurocopter took delivery of its first Cabri G2 from Helicopteres Guimbal. The aircraft, registered in Germany where it is planned to enter service early in 2010, is equipped for Night-VFR.

Eurocopter selected the Cabri G2 for its flight qualities and its safety, two key-factors in the mission it is scheduled for : ab initio pilots training. This first unit will be engaged in operation in the Baden-Baden, Germany, training center, after an operational evaluation period.

Bruno Guimbal, the company founder, warmly greeted Eurocopter, on the behalf of all his team, for their confidence, expressing their pride of supplying the world leader. He recalled that the Cabri G2 recognized qualities, were expected to make it the training helicopter par excellence, particularly for future larger-helicopters pilots.

The Cabri G2 delivered to Eurocopter is the fifth to enter service. Two ships are already in operation in Flight Training Organizations, and two others with individual owners.

The first one, in operation in Paris area, logged more than 500 commercial flight hours in eight months, with a bottom line better than plans, particularly for availability and maintenance.

Helicopteres Guimbal produces the Cabri G2 in its Aix-en-Provence factory, since the EASA delivered the helicopter's Type Certificate, followed by the company's Production Organization Agreement.

The Cabri G2 is the first and only piston-engine helicopter certified to recent EASA and FAA standards, requiring a high airframe and fuel circuit crash-resistance, and a direct-lightning qualification.

Its all-composite airframe, and state-of-the-art rotors, give it both a unique maneuverability and unrivalled safety, together with very low maintenance.

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