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Skylys Aircraft unveils the first Airspeeder worldwide
Monday, 21 January 2019

Skylys Aircraft just unveiled the first Airspeeder worldwide - a 100% electrical motorised vehicle, amphibious with an unconventional design and capable of taking-off and landing vertically.

The Airspeeder AO has been conceived and handmade by the team of 20 PhDs, engineers and industrial designers from all over the world – France, Canada, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Dubai and the US.

An ambitious and complete project!

The company, funded by Frenchman Gary Chorostecki along with 9 historical co-founders, showcased its first Airspeeder AO on Dec. 20, on a live video, directly from Costa Rica.

Technically speaking, the Airspeeder AO is the first 100% electric, eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing) and amphibious motorized vehicle without any visible engine system or propellers. The noise pollution is also well below the noise made by a helicopter – 30 times less, while the vehicle speed can go from 160 to 240 km/h. The presentation showed the single-seater designed proof of concept prototype. In fact, the company wanted to show its independence and credibility after declining a multi-million investment from a Chinese fund. However, starting in 2019, the Airspeeder AO will be available for sale in two other options - Bi place or Tri place.

Regarding the flying and logistical part, Skylys Aircraft thought of everything! The Airspeeder only requires a helicopter or twin-engine pilot's licence. As for amateurs or beginners wishing to be trained, Skylys Aircraft will ensure the training of its future pilotes accordingly to the choice of use and compliance with the required legislation based on various geographical areas.

What's next ?

In January, the vehicle will see its first test flights happen in the Pacific. The goal is to show and prove how the Airspeeder AO is the most efficient solution up to date to meet with the challenges of sustainable mobility and urban congestion. However, the founders remain well aware that the first reachable markets will be about leisure, offshore, emergency management, etc.

Gary Chorostecki, Skylys Aircraft founder, confirms his leitmotif. "This project is not only for ourselves, but also for humanity. It was mandatory for us to offer a real possibility to contribute to our society and to a more sustainable environment to pretty much everybody worldwide. This is a real challenge for future generations." That's why the company is committed to using only certified aircraft parts in collaboration with companies benefitting from international ISO standards.

Eventually, the company plans to implement Airspeeder Airports on big cities' buildings roofs, allowing each one of them to welcome up to 25 Airspeeders while managing flights and travellers.

Chorotescki concludes, "Aeronautics is a passion for us. We have done everything we could to develop the most efficient, environmental friendly, respectful vehicle that could solve many issues that our modern society encounters." He adds, "For the anecdote, Uber recently published a charter with imposed constraints for flying cars, that's when we realized we were the first ones being able to meet ALL of their constraints!"

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