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Safran reveals VERSA, a new enhanced generation of herringbone, state-of-the-art long haul business class seat
Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Safran Seats reveals at Aircraft Interiors Exhibition a new generation of high-end business class seat called, Versa. This new seats concept is built upon a new modular platform that delivers weight and space optimizations and a capability to address efficiently an extensive range of airlines requirements.

Thanks to its architecture, the Versa platform is ready to receive modules and technology bricks developed across the Safran Seats premium range as wider screens, wireless charging and audio, advanced lighting, new control systems etc. It is designed to provide airlines both with adapted off the shelf solutions as well as more ambitious and extensively tailored ones.

Leveraging the benefits of a herringbone layout and its ability to provide all passenger with an even and direct access to the aisles, Versa offers the comfort of a spacious fully horizontal bed, with remarkable privacy and optimized passenger count. This new concept ensures a one-of-a-kind passenger experience across all flight phases.

Innovations and customization

This patented new concept is finalist of the Crystal Cabin Award.

Beyond the never ending quest for comfort, airlines are now looking for ways to bring privacy to new levels, for their Business Class travelers. The goal becoming to be able to offer individual Mini Suites to their customers, rigid or flexible doors have become a master piece of this new quest.

Safran's smart Flexible Door puts the limitations inherent to doors behind by offering a door made from flexible materials that enable a lightweight integration, having a minimum impacts to the passenger's valuable living space, while providing a simple solution for the suite's certification.

On narrower twin aisles such as A330 and B787 where space becomes tighter, such solutions are critical enablers to deliver privacy solutions in a viable way.

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