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Increased braiding capabilities in support of aerospace products
Thursday, 4 April 2019

As part of their airframe and engine wiring harness manufacturing, Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) has expanded their protective braiding capabilities. With the addition of new braiding units, CIA&D has increased their capacity to support their F-35 harness production line. Recent expansive growth and the F-35 production ramp-up has resulted in the need for additional manufacturing support at the CIA&D facility.

With the introduction of the latest NE Butts equipment, braiding capability has increased by 30%. This full complement of machines includes 20, 24, 32, and 48 carrier units, putting CIA&D in an ideal position to manage their rapid growth and to support future aerospace harness production needs.

Their in-house braiding department offers the ability to braid a variety of protective overbraids, over a combination of assorted wiring harness configurations. Braiding materials include aramids such as Nomex® and para-aramids such as Kevlar® plus PEEK, fiberglass, Teflon® and a variety of metals - Nickel, Nickel-Copper, 3/16 Stainless Steel, Tin-copper, and nickel-copper. Run by experienced braid technicians, this equipment offers the ability to braid complex harness designs. This includes configurations with "Y" and 90-degree breakouts, a variety of lengths, plus multiple and custom coverages.

Braiding Capability Highlights:

- Added manufacturing braid capacity

- Custom coverages

- Multiple layers

- Contrasting tracers

- Large volume or short runs with a variety of lengths (we support jobs that range from 3 inches to 300 feet!)

- Wide variety of bundle diameters

- Multiple breakouts

- On site winders

- Dedicated braiding machines for production and repair center

- Common braid applications include electrical wiring, landing gear and ignition leads. Advantages include:

- Abrasion Resistance

- Chemical Resistance

- Non-Spark Promoting

- EMI/RFI Shielding

- Provide a Moisture Barrier

Other Braiding Products

In addition to overbraiding for wire harness manufacturing, CIA&D operates a separate hose and conduit operation. With a stable of dedicated braiders in a segregated 14,000 sq ft area, they provide the aerospace and industrial markets with flexible metal and convoluted conduits. CIA&D's Duraflex® and Megaflex® products offer a wide range of flexible conduit and hose options. Both can be braided with a wide variety of protective materials.

The Duraflex® CAB series is a pressure tight flexible metal conduit that is resistant to vibration, heat and pressure. Available in brass (non-sparking), nickel-iron and stainless steel, it is manufactured in accordance with A-A-52440 (A-A-52440 supersedes MIL-C-13909C).

Megaflex® conduit is a seamless PTFE convoluted tubing manufactured in accordance to AS81914. This product is also available in extra flexible linear aromatic polymer (PEEK).

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