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Socomore expands its coating capabilities through its acquisition of the Mader Group Aerospace and Defense Business Unit.
Friday, 26 April 2019

Socomore has finalized its acquisition of the Mader Group Aerospace and Defense Business Unit, completing a 100% buy-out of Mader Aero, a french company who develops and markets aerospace coatings.

For Socomore Group, this takeover presents an opportunity to add to their range of anti-erosion coatings designed for use with new engines, 2 years after having purchased the Aeroglaze / Chemglaze ranges of functionalized coatings from LORD Inc. Strengthening their flyable ranges is a key component of Socomore's strategy as they look towards 2024 and their objective of raising turnover to €130m.

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Socomore Vannes Chemical Milling Masks, Cloth & Paper Wipers, Fuel Tank Sealants, Chemicals, Coatings, Paint Solvents, Wash Primers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Degreasing Chemicals, Anti-Icing Chemicals, Conductive Coatings, Conversion Coatings, Heat Resistant Coatings, Mould Release Agents, Potting Compounds, Rain Erosion Resistant Coatings, Solvents
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