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Light military transport aircraft Il-112B made its first flight
Monday, 13 May 2019

On March 30, the first prototype of the Il-112V light military transport aircraft built under a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense rose into the air from the airfield runway of aircraft building company PJSC VASO (part of the UAC Transport Aviation Division).

The crew was commanded by the chief pilot of PJSC "Il" Hero of Russia Nikolai Kuimov. The flight was in normal mode. In the air, the Il-112V was accompanied by an IL-114LL laboratory aircraft. The first flight of the Il-112V was preceded by a cycle of aerodrome workouts, during which all systems were tested, jogs were performed on the airfield, including with partial detachment from the ground, and a conclusion was received that the aircraft was ready for the start of flight tests.

On the ground, the test pilots were met by the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government, Yuri Borisov, the leaders of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, PJSC UAC, PJSC Il, PAO VASO. In the future, the Il-112B can replace not only the An-26, which it exceeds twice in transport efficiency, but it will also compete with the best world transport aircraft of a similar class.

"This is an important stage for the formation of the BTA fleet due to the arrival of new aircraft already created in Russia. The Il-112V is not only a transport worker, but also a unique platform that can be used for a wide range of military and civilian tasks, said the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the military-industrial complex, Yuri Borisov. - The machine is built entirely from domestic components, will be equipped with equipment on the Russian element base. Our common task is to make a plane that is not inferior to modern foreign analogues."

"The fleet of military transport aircraft needs to be updated. Demand is estimated at over 100 aircraft. We have to fill this niche with the products of the domestic aircraft industry, which will serve the interests of the main customer - the military department - and will ensure that the aviation industry enterprises are loaded. The aircraft used only Russian components and assemblies, used a number of new technologies. Leading developers and large aircraft construction plants of the country in Voronezh and Ulyanovsk participate in cooperation in creating a light military transport aircraft Il-112V, "said Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

President of United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar after the completion of the first flight said: "Today I would like to congratulate the staff of the Voronezh aircraft factory, designers and engineers of the OKB Design Bureau. S. Ilyushin with the first flight and the most important stage in the creation of a new aircraft. Transport aviation is one of the priorities of the corporation. We, by analogy with civil aviation, form a complete line of military transport aircraft. Today in Voronezh, we have lifted the Il-112V light transport into the sky, in Ulyanovsk the mass production of the heavy transport aircraft IL-76MD-90A begins, and in the design is a project of an average transport aircraft. A lightweight Il-112V transporter should replace the obsolete An-family cars. There is a huge deferred demand.

"IL-112V is the first military transport aircraft that was created from scratch in the post-Soviet period. Il-112 will help to solve many problems, both in the field of military logistics and in the civilian sector, - said Alexey Rogozin, vice president for transport aviation of PJSC UAC, general director of PJSC Il, "Now, the Ilyushin division faces no less important and crucial tasks in conducting flight tests and preparing for the serial production of the Il-112B, which will be carried out in Voronezh." 100% of the units and assemblies of the aircraft are Russian-made, most of them created by Rostec State Corporation.

So, the engines are created by the United Engine Corporation. In the area of responsibility of the holding company KRET Rostec is an automated control system, and Technodinamika has developed landing gear, hydraulics and power supply systems for the aircraft. The Il-112V light military transport aircraft is designed for transporting and airborne landing of weapons and light military equipment, cargo and personnel, as well as a wide range of various cargoes during commercial operation of the civilian version of the aircraft with a maximum weight of 5 tons. The Il-112V is equipped with the newest version of the TV7-117CT turboprop engines developed and manufactured by ODK-Klimov JSC with a power at maximum take-off mode - 3100 hp. Engines differ in a modularity and profitability of fuel consumption - one of the best in its class. The automatic control system controls not only the engine, but also the high capacity AV-112 propeller. A key advantage of the aircraft is the ability to operate autonomously from poorly equipped airports and unpaved lanes. IL-112V will be able to work in the most difficult climatic conditions, from high-altitude airfields and at extremely low temperatures. Cruising speed - 470 kilometers per hour. Flight range with maximum load during take-off from unpaved airfields is 1200 kilometers. from high-altitude airfields and at extremely low temperatures. Cruising speed - 470 kilometers per hour. Flight range with maximum load during take-off from unpaved airfields is 1200 kilometers. from high-altitude airfields and at extremely low temperatures. Cruising speed - 470 kilometers per hour. Flight range with maximum load during take-off from unpaved airfields is 1200 kilometers.

The aircraft was designed using advanced digital technologies and equipped with the most modern on-board systems entirely domestic production. In December 2018, the second Il-112B prototype was delivered to the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) named after Professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky for static life tests.

The division of transport aviation of the United Aircraft Building Corporation was formed in 2017 under the management of PJSC "IL". In addition to Ilyushin, it includes PJSC VASO (Voronezh), JSC Aviastar-SP (Ulyanovsk), JSC EMZ. V.Myasishcheva "(Zhukovsky), as well as four aircraft repair plants: 123 ARZ JSC (Staraya Russa), 20 ARZ JSC (Pushkin), 308 ARZ JSC (Ivanovo), 325 ARZ JSC ( Taganrog). The composition of the Division allows the full range of work in connection with the design, production and after-sales service of the line of transport, passenger and special aircraft.

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