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Test flights Taifun
Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Aviation Artur Trendak air testing department early this week initiated the final steps on the engine performance settings on our new model, The Taifun.

In the post flight briefing the test pilot said "It's a game changer machine" the complete lack of vibration and the "gliding sensation" make this gyroplane, a new experience in the air. The improved aerodynamics and the extra power given by the ROTAX Turbo Injection system develop by Trendak Aviation and the Institute of technology in Lublin, is what the market have being asking since the introduction of the TERCEL.

"Wide confortable cabin, better aerodynamics and more power, all in a high luxury and quality package"- is what the CEO and founder of the company, Mr. Artur Trendak expressed after personally monitor the initiation of the final steps on the testing.

The model will be available for general market late August, and already is receiving pre orders from Unite States and Asia.

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