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Flight Design introduces new F-series: F2 – approaching new market segments
Wednesday, 17 April 2019

25 years after the development of the CT in early 1994, the Flight Design Team now introduces the new F2.

The F2 has been designed for the new 600 kg UL class, the ASTM LSA class and in particular the new CS23 Adm. 5 class developed for VFR & IFR and enables a big step towards "Vision Zero".

Over the years Flight Design has proven with CT how to meet customer requirements. The F2 implements a large number of improvement requests from CT customers and the wishes of PPL pilots and professional flight schools. Despite the many changes and new features, the F2 – just like the CT – is very light and leads the market.

"The F2 offers maximum space, comfort, performance and ease of flight, making it easy for less experienced pilots to fly," said Tom Peghiny, President Flight Design USA. "The aircraft, the structure and the aerodynamics were developed by the most highly experienced specialists. Intensive use of computer simulations helped to focus on safety, handling and performance." Says Dieter Koehler Head of Design F2 Project, "Only the great cooperation of the international team has made the project possible with its very high requirements".

"The F2 is characterized by significantly simplified flight characteristics and improved flight performance" said Tom Peghiny. After test flights with the prototype the sense of space is simply incomparable". The interior has been completely redesigned and the noise level lowered. A parachute rescue system and airbags are standard equipment. The Garmin Avionic Suite with ADS-B and autopilot with ESP provides all the security features and information that a dedicated pilot needs to comfortably navigate a long-range aircraft. Our "Vision ZERO" is the driving force here for improved safety and intelligent use of the possibilities.

The redesigned cabin offers much more space and is bright. With the Rotax 912iS we could improve the installation and the fuel system design. In terms of production technology, FLIGHT DESIGN is making the new series with its modern carbon pre-preg technology. This allows higher accuracy of fit, makes the airframe lighter and structurally stronger.

"The Flight Design Team worked together with its partners in the different countries for 2 years on the concept, development, testing and approval of F2," explains Daniel Gunther, COO of Flight Design General aviation GmbH. "The F2 will be presented on April 10, 2019 at the Aero in Friedrichshafen. In May 2019, the ASTM LSA and UL approval will be completed. EASA approval is expected in summer 2019. "

From April 2019 orders will be accepted. The successful CT Super Series and the CTLS will be further developed in the current version. The Flight Design POA opens the door to the certified world of the F-Series.

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