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Astro Protecting its IP with New Prototype on the horizon
Thursday, 2 May 2019

Astro Aerospace, the company creating autonomous, eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aerial vehicles and drones is taking steps to protect its valuable intellectual property through the filings of suitable patent applications, design applications and trademark applications.

In consideration of Astro's soon to be revealed Modular System and new prototype design launch, the organization has taken steps to protect its designs, naming rights and the proprietary control systems which have demonstrated industry leading flight capabilities.

Scheduled for late Summer 2019, Astro is planning the unveiling of its new Modular design platform and upgraded control systems including its triple redundancy capabilities, improved flight time, speed and payload capacity as well as its new battery management system, among others.

Astro CEO Bruce Bent says; "We have been busy testing and upgrading our systems throughout the winter months and are excited about showing off our new model to the world this summer."

The new modular system will compliment Astro's current model, "Elroy", it's 2 passenger, eVTOL (Electric Take Off and Landing) short haul aerial vehicle that has the ability to travel up to 70km/hr for 25 minutes completely emission free, which is ideal for urban commutes, and that turns long commutes into minutes.

It's industry leading Touch Screen Control system, flight control algorithm and avionics software are just a few of the key components that attribute to Elroy's success.

The new Modular system adds flexibility to Astro's lineup and offers a combination of passenger applications, cargo, rescue, med-evac, military, business and many others utilizing a single flight platform.

"The new prototype is in full production and is on schedule for summer 2019 and we are looking forward to making another impact in the eVTOL space" said Rob Paterson, Astro's head of manufacturing.

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