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Groupe ADP and Flying Whales French company signs agreement as part of an airship bases spread project
Thursday, 20 June 2019

During the Paris Air Show, ADP Ingenierie, Groupe ADP's subsidiary, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to shape a long-term partnership with Flying Whales. In addition, Groupe ADP - Aeroports de Paris SA plans to acquire an equity-stake in Flying Whales. Flying Whales is a French company that develops an ambitious and unique solution, the LCA60T ("Large Capacity Airship 60 tons"), an airship for the transport of heavy loads with a payload of 60 tons.

The challenge of is future partnership is to design 150 airship bases planned in the world, for the lowcost and point-to-point transport of heavy and bulky loads. These airship bases would be deployed in France and abroad, especially in the Americas (from Quebec) and in Asia (from China). Designed primarily to meet the needs of the ONF (Office National des Forets) the French Public Forest Office for the extraction of wood in hard-to-reach areas, the LCA60T solution is intended, thanks to its unique loading and unloading capabilities in hover, to provide answers to the many problems of logistics in landlocked areas around the world. This solution will, at low cost, overcome all constraints on the ground for the point-to-point transport of heavy or bulky loads with a very small environmental footprint.

Flying Whales is also developing Flying Whales Services, the LCA60T operating company. From 2017, ADP Ingenierie has advised Flying Whales on the choice establishment of the first operating bases of Flying Whales Services in the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region. ADP Ingenierie has the ability to support and manage projects for the establishment and operation of airport platforms and can thus contribute to the Flying Whales bases deployment project.

Flying Whales wishes to benefit from ADP Ingenierie's expertise in order to identify and take into account the technical, regulatory, environmental and societal constraints for its bases, but also where appropriate on the conversion and operation of existing airport platforms.

ADP Ingenierie, which currently works on more than 140 airport projects worldwide, is part of the global and integrated offer that Groupe ADP now offers through ADP International. With more than 700 airport references in more than 100 countries, ADP Ingenierie, active in all stages of the airport value chain, provides architectural design services, airport engineering studies, consulting missions and assistance to project management. Its teams of experts can support a project from initial design to operational phases and combine multiple skills, from engineering to architecture, studies and supervision of work through training, in a 360° approach of the airport life cycle.

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