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First flight
Friday, 19 October 2018

Rob Lueck, President of Top Flight Services, and Harvey Cleveland, Test Pilot, have proven to be the "A-Team" in the development of the PRIVATEER Amphibian.

After ten years of effort in both Seattle, WA, and Titusville, FL, PRIVATEER completed its first flight on August 6, 2018.

PRIVATEER is now both the safest and fastest modern amphibian.

Harvey has reported that the new amphibian has good flight characteristics and has exceeded expectations in several areas. He noted that speed/power setting indications are that we will more than meet our expected range criteria. The aircraft has also flown at slower speeds than might be expected.

The PRIVATEER Amphibian now has more than twenty-three hours air time and Rob Lueck, President of Top Flight Services, has completed the initial discovery punch list.

Harvey and Rob are working together to "single up" the main landing gear and seal the floats in preparation for water landings.

On completion of the water work, we will begin to market the amphibian.

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