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Mi-38T helicopter made the first flight
Friday, 23 November 2018

Test pilots of the Moscow helicopter plant them. Mikhail Mil of the Russian Helicopters holding company (part of Rostec State Corporation), as part of the preliminary testing program, flew the first model of the Mi-38T helicopter manufactured by the Kazan Helicopter Plant upon the order of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In the future, during the joint special flight tests, the systems and equipment of the Mi-38T helicopter will be checked for compliance with the requirements of the RF Defense Ministry's technical specifications.

"The appearance of the first model of the Mi-38T is certainly an important event for both the holding and the Ministry of Defense, which next year will have to start operating helicopters of this type. We managed to create a machine with outstanding flight performance, it had no analogues in the history of the Russian helicopter industry. In the near future, we expect the start of joint flight tests, which will result in further purchases of Mi-38T helicopters for the needs of the VKS within the framework of the state armaments program 2018-20 25 years ", - said the general director of the holding" Helicopters of Russia "Andrei Boginsky.

"The successful first flight of the Mi-38T is an undoubted success of the Russian helicopter industry. It is a unique machine, built entirely on the basis of domestic components. The transport modification of the Mi-38T has great potential in terms of enhancing its functionality and capabilities. On its basis various specialized versions can be created, including a helicopter for arctic operating conditions, "said Anatoly Serdyukov, industrial director of the Rostec aviation cluster.

The Mi-38T was created on the basis of a certified civilian Mi-38 helicopter with retrofitting to solve transport-landing tasks. The helicopter provides for the possibility of conversion into a sanitary version and the installation of additional fuel tanks to increase the flight range

"Mi-38 helicopters will occupy a sought-after niche, since the need for such a machine has long been experienced by oil and gas service companies, as well as in a number of civilian industries. The first deliveries of vehicles of this type to the troops will begin in 2019," the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Federation Denis Manturov. According to him, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia will consider the possibility of developing measures of state support for the supply of helicopters. "Moreover, taking into account the high export potential of the Mi-38 and the interest of foreign customers to such helicopters, it is possible that it will continue its promotion outside the Russian Federation," the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade emphasized.

In addition, Denis Manturov noted that the Mi-38T has a high degree of automation: "The flight navigation system allows you to automatically fly along a given route and approach, stabilize the spatial position in any flight mode, and also automatically hover."

The Mi-38 is equipped with new domestic high-performance TV7-117V engines, an integrated digital flight-navigation system with data display on five LCD displays, an explosion-proof protected fuel system. Also, the helicopter was equipped with additional supports on the landing gear for landing on soft ground and snow. The installed integrated onboard equipment complex IBKO-38 provides the crew with information in full with high quality, ensuring a high level of flight safety. In the cabin of the helicopter are easily removable chairs, removable sanitary equipment and roller table equipment for the transportation of goods.

The areas of use of the Mi-38 helicopters are cargo and passenger transportation, search and rescue operations, VIP transportation. All this - in a wide range of climatic conditions, including maritime, tropical and cold climates.

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