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TXT company to provide Swedish aircraft manufacturer with toolset for future product development
Thursday, 11 July 2019

PACE, a TXT company, today announced that Swedish aerospace and defense group Saab will support future aircraft developments with their Pacelab APD/SysArc software. The tool suite for preliminary aircraft and aircraft systems design will be used by concept and systems engineers working on the high-profile Gripen program and other aircraft projects to assess key product metrics and to back technology decisions.

Replacing legacy tools with an open and fully extensible design platform is part of Saab's larger vision of creating a comprehensive digital environment for agile, distributed and collaborative product development. "We are really excited to be part of this journey," says Alexander Schneegans, PACE managing partner and head of the company's Preliminary Design & Evaluation division. "This is not another license deal, but a technological cooperation that will help to broaden the capabilities and applicability of our software. Saab's complex requirements and their ambitious project team make them an ideal partner to introduce our server-based collaboration and computing environment."

Non-stop product innovation and international partnerships are two important pillars of Saab's strategy for staying ahead of larger competitors. Christopher Jouannet, Principal Engineer Advanced Design at Saab sees this reflected in their choice of tools: "Pacelab APD/SysArc enables us to model and evaluate a much larger number of concepts pushing the boundaries of the design space. The software also makes it easy to share project data, geometries and methodology with academic and industry partners all over the world." The collaboration between PACE and Saab is accompanied by ongoing research conducted at the University of Linkoping using the same set of software tools.

PACE and Saab are currently optimizing Pacelab APD/SysArc's functional scope to support Saab-specific methodologies and laying the groundwork for the roll-out and integration phase which is scheduled for later this year.

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