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WAVE - a new generation of ultrasonic testing flaw detector is taking-off at Sonatest
Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Pioneering the non-destructive testing industry for more than 60 years, Sonatest is proud to launch WAVE - the very first interactive flaw detector.

WAVE integrates the latest technologies in order to create a revolution in the ultrasonic testing equipment market. Not only is it innovative, but its customisable interface optimises daily workflows and its unique and embedded interactive scan plan with ray-tracing capability and simulation tools helps to consolidate your results.

Mitigate false calls with WAVE Interactive Scan Plan

WAVE innovates with its interactive weld defect localisation solution that has been developed to ease diagnostics of the inspected part and improve inspector confidence. The on-board scan plan can reproduce simple and complex geometries such as flanges, T-joints or curved surfaces. WAVE then combines the transducer, its position and the part within its real-time interactive ray-tracer engine. By overlaying the A-scan over the beam path, localizing echoes and flaws in a part are greatly facilitated. This feature, unique to WAVE, greatly helps discriminate between a real flaw and a geometrical indication; thus avoiding unnecessary repair.

''The Health and Safety Executive organisation in the UK conducted a blind test study (PANI-3) of certified ultrasonic testing inspectors and they confirmed that false calls (or false positives) are part of the inspector reality, and especially for complex weld geometries. With the introduction of our new WAVE UT flaw detector, we offer a solution that can make a difference by helping our customers to face these daily diagnostic challenges", says Francois Lachance - Product Manager at Sonatest.

Reach performance & conformity with the Wave Application Concept

The WAVE unique application concept allows quality managers to customise the instrument's user interface according to the specific needs of their procedures. By building such specific WAVE APP(s), the operator always works within an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and will guarantee workflow optimisation as well as prevent potential operational errors. Supporting the well-accepted Lean Manufacturing trend, this emphasis combines conformity and performance which in the end requires less training and provides long-term financial benefits.

"When we launched our WAVE product development program, we decided to share design capabilities with our customers. This unique inclusive approach gives WAVE users the possibility to specify how they want to operate our product in order to meet their specific needs, follow their workflow, and respect their procedures. This way, they can optimize and build their own standards. We have already seen some partners create applications allowing their technicians perform their inspection tasks with greater confidence and a lesser chance of errors. Our product then becomes theirs", says Yvan Gosselin - Technical Director at Sonatest.

Innovation built to last and outperform in multiple industries

Built on more than 60 years of passion and knowledge, WAVE integrates the latest technologies available in order to offer an impressive 10 hours of autonomy into a modern, IP 67 rugged and lightweight enclosure. The innovative UTouch Technology developed by Sonatest allows WAVE to operate effortlessly as anyone would expect from a respected device in 2019. Combined with rugged components and an intelligent algorithm which makes the distinction between couplant and finger, WAVE is simply the first true industrial touchscreen UT flaw detector on the market.

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