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Simplify your analog data acquisition and pre-processing
Wednesday, 11 September 2019

EAGLE Solution makes scalable multi-channel acquisition and real-time data pre-processing by acquiring an indefinite number of acquisition channels. It's a major development for multi-channel acquisition systems because this technology considerably simplifies their implementation.

EAGLE is an unique solution which allows to manage multi-channels acquisition and to offload data pre-processing stages from real-time calculators. EAGLE shares the processed data with the communication network making this acquisition solution highly-scalable.

Developed for RADAR applications (Passive, Phase-Array, Over-the-Horizon) and multi-sensor systems, EAGLE pre-integrated boxes are designed in a ready-to-use 1U 19'' rack. Data pre-processing algorithms are included and can be configured via an intuitive web interface.

Scalability of EAGLE Solution allows an evolution of your systems and eases the integration thanks to 10 GB Ethernet standardized communication interfaces.

EAGLE Solution consists of 2 ready-to-use boxes.

Multi-channel analog acquisition and real-time pre-processing

Based on the Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA, this box offers up to 16 analog channels and 2 acquisition bands: narrowband (125 MSPS) and wideband (2.5 GSPS).

Synchronization and sequencing

This box allows control and dispatch clock and trigger, over up to 8 acquisition boxes.

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