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Rostec begins development of new VK-650V helicopter engine
Wednesday, 11 September 2019

St. Petersburg UEC-Klimov JSC (part of the United Engine Corporation of Rostec State Corporation) has begun the development of a new VK-650V gas turbine turboshaft engine.

This power plant has a takeoff power of 650 hp, and also delivers from 400 to 750 hp in various modes. It is designed for the Ka-226T helicopter. For serial production of VK-650V, only Russian-made parts and assembly units will be used.

In accordance with the plans, the power plant should be certified after four years, and by the end of 2019, design documentation for the demonstrator engine and its systems, including automatic control systems, will be issued.

The main challenge facing designers is to create a simple and reliable design with a minimum life cycle cost. Based on the design solutions that are embedded in this engine, a family of power plants with a capacity of 500 to 700 hp can be created.

VK-650V embodies modern technical solutions that meet the latest trends in world and domestic aircraft engine manufacturing. The new engine should surpass in its characteristics all available analogues.

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