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Skydweller, a US-Spanish aerospace company, and Solar Impulse have signed an agreement for Skydweller to acquire the SI-2 aircraft
Monday, 16 September 2019

Skydweller is a US-Spanish aerospace company developing commercial unmanned perpetual flight vehicles. Skydweller has entered into an agreement with Solar Impulse to acquire the historic SI-2 aircraft, related assets and exclusive IP license.

Skydweller will use this and its teams of experts to develop an unmanned variant. These aircraft platforms will deliver many services in different data and communications markets such as: natural resource monitoring, data collection, aerial mapping, weather and environmental forecasting, emergency operations, and telecommunications; including Internet and 5G mobile communications for remote and under-served areas.

Dr. Robert Miller, CEO of Skydweller said, "This September we will begin full scale operations to develop, test, and industrialize the world's first atmospheric pseudo satellite capable of large payloads with unlimited range and endurance. Like the Satellite market, in the 90's, large payload solar powered aircraft will change the way much of the world communicates and shares data. By leveraging 15 years of R&D from Solar Impulse including over a thousand hours of solar-powered flights, we will bring this solution to market several years faster and with more capability than would otherwise be possible."

Skydweller has chosen to invest in a production and manufacturing facility in the province of Ciudad Real (Castilla La Mancha, Spain). Sebastien Renouard, COO of Skydweller said, "The Castilla La Mancha region offers a great workforce and infrastructure for the successful development of autonomous technologies. The local authorities have shown much enthusiasm and plan to financially support the project as an economic opportunity for the region's development. We are honored to work with them."

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