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Successful launch of the new energy electric aircraft RX4E
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

At 11:00 on October 28, 2019, the new energy electric aircraft RX4E, independently developed by Shenyang Aviation Research Institute of Shenyang Aerospace University and Liaoning Ruixiang General Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully made its first flight at Shenyang Faku Finance Lake Airport.

The successful first flight of this type of aircraft marks the comprehensive development of China's aviation industry and technological innovation, "small size, oil and electricity." Its successful development has filled the gap of four electric planes in China, opened up a brand new product category in the navigation aircraft market, and created a precedent for the commercial promotion and application of electric aircraft in China's and even the world's navigable markets, promoting the development of China's green aviation technology for construction. "Aerospace powers" and "powerful countries" play an important role.

At 11 am, the first flight ceremony officially began. Facing the bad weather, the RX4E took off, flew, landed and landed on the tarmac. The first flight took off at 60 knots, the air flew 80 knots, the skid 75 knots, and the flying height was 200 meters. The first flight was successfully completed! The RX4E completed its first flight in extreme weather, which not only verified the performance of the aircraft, but also reflected the spirit of the sharp-minded people who dared to try!

Before the first flight ceremony, Wang Mingyu, deputy governor of Liaoning Province, and others visited Liaoning Ruixiang General Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The RX4E aircraft is a new energy general aviation product newly developed by Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute and Liaoning Ruixiang General Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is a normal type aircraft developed in accordance with the requirements of the 23rd section of the Civil Aviation Regulations of China. The aircraft adopts the layout of upper wing, low flat tail, front propeller and front three-point non-retractable landing gear. The cockpit adopts double-row four-seat three-door design, the front seat can be adjusted; the airplane wingspan is 13.5 meters and the length is 8.4 meters. The take-off weight is 1200 kg, the maximum power is 140 kW, the cruising speed is 200 km/h, the cruising time is 1.5 hours, and the voyage is 300 km. The subsequent voyage can be further improved with the development of battery energy storage technology.

Zhao Tienan, vice president of Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute and chairman of Liaoning Ruixiang General Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said :"The RX4E aircraft has huge development space and market prospects. It can be used in short-distance transportation, pilot training, sightseeing , experience flight, aerial photography and aerial mapping. In addition, the market application of RX4E aircraft will also be electric passenger transportation. The cargo aircraft has accumulated technical experience and provided forward-looking guidance and research examples for the development of airport supporting construction and future airport planning."

The successful development of RX4E aircraft has enabled China to continue to be in the leading position in the development of universal electric aircraft in the world, and to create a national brand with independent intellectual property rights, which can drive the development of related industries in the future, and provide development ideas for serving local economic construction and practicing the integration of military and civilian development. . Faced with the increasing challenges of the current international environmental protection situation, a wave of research and development of electric aircraft is being launched around the world. According to statistics from international consulting agencies, there are about 170 electric aircraft research projects in the world as of June this year, and it is expected to reach 200 by the end of the year. One. The advanced aviation bodies represented by NASA, BOEING, AIRBUS, etc. have put forward a clear plan for the development of electric aircraft, and the foreign government level is also strongly supporting and actively promoting. In order to maintain China's first-mover advantage in this field, the relevant state departments are called upon to study and formulate the long-term development route of electric aircraft, combine the current domestic basic conditions to set up professional R&D institutions, improve supporting construction, and start special research work on electric aviation.

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