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Hanwha Aerospace signs aircraft engine parts supply agreement with Rolls-Royce
Thursday, 7 November 2019

Hanwha Aerospace announced on June 6 that it has signed a contract to supply cutting-edge aircraft engine parts to Rolls-Royce, a global aircraft engine manufacturer.

The engine parts that Hanwha Aerospace will supply will be supplied as 'Turbine Seal Segment' for all Trent engines produced by Rolls Royce for at least 25 years from 2021 to 2045. In addition, depending on the situation, the supply can be further extended to the life of the engine.

Hanwha Aerospace said through this agreement, "If we have been mainly supplying engine cases, we are now entering the turbine parts business, which is the core of the engine." "It's great in that it's built."

In particular, the Vietnam plant, which started operation last year, was in charge of supplying the entire plant, thus recognizing the global manufacturing competitiveness of Hanwha Aerospace.

The industry said, "We have been recognized for the manufacturing know-how and quality that Hanwha Aerospace has accumulated as an aerospace engine manufacturer for the last 40 years."

Hanwha Aerospace signed a contract with the US P & W in 2015 for the latest GTF engine international joint development project (RSP), followed by a Vietnam plant that started operation at the end of last year, and recently acquired the US engine parts manufacturer 'EDAC'. Through steady investment, the company is upgrading its aviation engine business and establishing itself as a global aviation engine parts company.

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