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DAC International's GDC64 now compatible with Foreflight and Freeflight Systems' ranger ADS-B receiver
Wednesday, 20 November 2019

DAC International Inc. (DAC), a subsidiary of Aero Precision Holdings LP, announced today the compatibility of the DAC International GDC64 with Foreflight Mobile. Beginning with ForeFlight's November release, version 11.10, the GDC64 allows the display of ADS-B information in ForeFlight's industry leading integrated app. The DAC International GDC64 Wired interface connects the FreeFlight Systems RANGR ADS-B In receiver to an iPad for display of ADS-B weather and traffic on the Foreflight App. This solution is part of an ADS-B compliant installation to meet the 2020 mandates with a wired solution not requiring Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and their accompanying reliability issues. The RANGR ADS-B Receiver connects to the GDC64 which in turn provides an interface to the iPad for use by the Foreflight Application to display ADS-B information.

"We are extremely pleased to finally offer this solution to our many customers that have been asking for this interface to the Foreflight application," said DAC International's President Cisco Hernandez.

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DAC International Inc. an ALL CLEAR Company Automatic Passenger Briefing Equipment, Satellite Receivers, Cockpit Control Systems, Airspeed Indicators, Radar/Radio Altimeters, Communication Antennas, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems, Attitude Indicators, Autopilots, Cameras (Airborne), Temperature Indicators, Clocks, Heading Indicators, Integrating Gyroscopes, LCD Displays, Warning Systems/Equipment, Weather Mapping Radar, Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems, Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems, Instrumentation Lighting, Radar Transponders, Pressure Indicators
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