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Vorago Technologies announces availability of its radiation hardened highly integrated ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller for defense and aerospace
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Vorago Technologies today announced the sampling of the new highly integrated VA416X0 Radiation Hardened ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller (MCU) with and without integrated 256KB Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), incorporating the company's patented HARDSIL technology.

VA416X0 offers an unmatched solution for designs that require a combination of high-performance processing paired with an unprecedented set of highly integrated peripherals. This Microcontroller is part of a broader family of ARM Cortex Microcontrollers suitable for aerospace and defense applications.

VA416X0 includes the following features and benefits:

- Industry standard ARM Cortex-M4 with Floating Point Unit up to 100MHz

- Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller

- VA41630 incorporates 256KB of on-chip NVM, whereas the VA41620 requires external NVM

- Integrated multichannel Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

- Broad range of communication interfaces (I2C, UART, CAN, SPI, Ethernet, Spacewire)

- Utilizes patented HARDSIL® radiation hardening technology, developed by Vorago, delivering superior radiation hardened performance as compared to other rad-hard MCU options. (VA41620 testing to a TID of up to 300 kRad (Si))

- Easy-to-design development kit, with exceptional support and service offerings available from Vorago.

- To learn more visit Vorago's product page.

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