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GSS launches in-flight tests of the first major system for the SSJ NEW project
Monday, 17 February 2020

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft began testing a new domestic-made air cooling unit, which is part of the air conditioning system and is its main unit. At the moment, ground and flight tests are being conducted as part of the experimental SSJ100 aircraft. It is planned to install the Russian air-cooling installation (UAC) on an import-substituted modification of the SSJ100 - SSJ-NEW.

The system is responsible for the three most important processes: the supply of fresh air for people's breathing and maintaining a normal level of pressure in flight (pressurization), ventilation of the aircraft compartments, temperature control in the cockpit and in the cabin. UOV cools the hot air coming from engines or auxiliary power unit of the aircraft in order to create comfortable conditions at any, including extreme outdoor temperatures.

"This is one of the important elements and stages in the implementation of the draft version of the SSJ100 aircraft - SSJ-NEW. Our goal is the import substitution of systems, reducing the cost of the aircraft, as well as improving the components and assemblies in order to increase the reliability of the aircraft without compromising the achieved level of comfort, "said Andrei Nedosekin, Deputy General Director for Development.

A component of the air conditioning system used for lapping flights on the SSJ100 was developed by the Russian company JSC PKO "Heat Exchanger". Finishing test indicators will fully evaluate the characteristics of the new component, identify deficiencies and, thus, obtain the necessary amount of data to improve the product and bring it to mass production. The previous bench test phase was completed successfully.

"In accordance with the terms of reference for the GSS, the Heat Exchanger company developed and manufactured an air cooling unit and its components, which are similar in mass-dimensional and technical characteristics to the installation used in SSJ100 SCR. Studies carried out in the development process showed the possibility of improving the characteristics of the installation, namely reducing the mass and increasing heat and cooling capacity, "said Viktor Viktorovich Tyatinkin, Director General and Chief Designer of JSC Heat Exchanger. He also added that the "Heat Exchanger" is working to improve the operational processability and reliability of the UOV installation. "This is a complex and high-tech unit, so the tests as part of the prototype SSJ100 aircraft have already begun,

At the moment, UOV produced by JSC PKO "Heat Exchanger" consists of 90% of domestic components. About ten domestic enterprises participate in cooperation as suppliers. It is expected that by the time of commissioning SSJ-NEW, the remaining 10% will also be replaced by domestic components.

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