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Boeing boosts Israeli aerospace industry
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Boeing has strengthened the Israeli aerospace industry in the last three years according to the latest data from the Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA) within Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Boeing's multiple cooperation projects with Israeli companies helped drive this growth to a value of nearly $1 billion (3.5 billion Israeli shekels) in the last three years. The company committed to a long-term strategy for developing Israel's aerospace industry in 2018, as part of an umbrella agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Since then, Boeing has directed at least 35 percent of the contract value from Israeli government defense procurements to Israel-based companies and suppliers. The agreement is also a testament to the ICA's commitment to bridge the gap between small and medium-sized (SME) businesses and multinational corporations.

"This agreement is definitely an opportunity, a vote of confidence, especially these days and a declaration of intent by a leading international business corporation in the capabilities of the local Israeli industry and its products," said Ziva Eger, ICA chief executive. "By nurturing strategic partnerships such as these, we will continue to promote the Israeli economy forward."

Boeing has worked in coordination with the Production and Procurement Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, as well with the Manufacturers' Association of Israel, to train and develop SMEs on the path to becoming Boeing suppliers. Boeing has assessed and provided training to over 60 Israeli SMEs. Recent examples include:

- Israel Aerospace Industries major structures work for the F-15 program; avionics and spare parts for the V-22 Osprey, the T-38 Talon and T-45 Goshawk;

- Elbit Systems providing sensors, processors and displays on many Boeing platforms, including the helmet mounted display, DIRCM systems and the electronic warfare suite for the H-47 Chinook;

- Key contracts and expertise sharing with small and medium Israeli suppliers, including RADA Electronics Industries Ltd., Sapphire, Ashot Ashkelon Industries, TAT Technologies Group and BAZ Airborne;

- Innovative development projects with small companies such as ALGOLiON and Assembrix.

"Boeing's partnership with Israel extends more than seven decades and the country has a robust and capable industry that can provide global support to both defense and commercial businesses," said Maria Laine, Boeing vice president, International Strategic Partnerships. "Boeing and the Israeli government's considerable investment in the aerospace industry will continue to serve as a growth accelerator in the country and as a bedrock for customers and suppliers to develop lasting partnerships.

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Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. Empennages, Forming, Aircraft Structural Components, Metal Structures, Nacelles, Aircraft Landing Gear, Fuselage Sections, Aircraft Flooring, Final Assembly, Wings, Weapons Countermeasures, Passenger Seating, Engine Mounts
Boeing Defense, Space & Security Airframer
Ashot Ashkelon Industries Gearboxes, Shafts & Shaft Assemblies, Helicopter Rotor Balancing Equipment
TAT Technologies Ltd. Power Distribution Equipment, Intercoolers, Avionics Heat Exchangers, Flow Control Valves, Air Conditioning Equipment, Cooling Systems, Fuel Pumps, Bleed Air Systems, Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment, Air Cycle Machines, Engine Heat Exchangers, Airborne Electrical Power Supplies
BAZ Airborne Components & Assemblies Forming, Heat Treatment, Metal Moulding, Milling, Welding, Stamping, Bending, Shearing, Deburring, Anodizing Services, Barrell Finishing Services, Metal Finishing/Polishing, Paint Application, Passivation, Metal Stripping, Sand Blasting, Surface Cleaning, Aircraft Structural Components, Metal Structures
Assembrix Ltd. Computer-aided Engineering, CIM Software
Elbit Systems Ltd Thermal Imaging Equipment, Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), Chemical Milling, Metal Bonding, Filament Winding Service, Aerial Firefighting Equipment, Forming, Aircraft Structural Components, Moving Maps, Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMD), Electronic Flight Instrument Systems, Laser Radar, FLIR Systems, Cameras (Airborne), Head-Up Displays, Warning Systems/Equipment, Flight Recorders, LCD Displays, Avionics Management Systems, Stores Management Systems, Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems, Terrain Following Radar, Weapons Countermeasures
RADA Electronic Industries LTD. Onboard Computers, Cameras (Airborne), Video Recorders
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