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Testing begins of new Russian navigation system on the SSJ100
Wednesday, 8 July 2020

PJSC Irkut Corporation Regional Aircraft (as part of the UAC of Rostec State Corporation) has begun conducting flight tests of the BINS-2015 inertial navigation system on an SSJ100 experimental aircraft.

The BINS-2015 system was developed by PJSC Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation (part of KRET JSC Rostec Group of Companies). It is planned to install it on an updated version of the Superjet aircraft (SSJ-NEW project). Currently, foreign-made systems are being installed on SSJ100 production aircraft.

The navigation system is designed to accurately determine the location of the aircraft and its motion parameters. The main feature of inertial systems is complete autonomy, that is, independence from ground and space sources of signals. High performance SINS-2015 is provided by the use of laser gyroscopes and precision accelerometers.

"Complexes of various navigation methods are being installed on modern aircraft: inertial navigation systems, satellite navigation systems, radio navigation systems. They complement each other in order to most accurately determine the location of the aircraft in any flight conditions and anywhere in the world. As part of the work on import substitution, the employees of our Branch are testing a new Russian navigation system, which is not inferior to their foreign counterparts according to the declared characteristics, "said Andrey Nedosekin, Deputy Director for Development of the Regional Aircraft Branch of Irkut Corporation.

"Inertial navigation system is one of the most important on-board systems. It informs about the spatial position of the aircraft, its course and the vector of actual ground speed. Today, KRET has competencies in the production of inertial systems for domestic aircraft manufacturing, which, in terms of architectural, precision, and overall dimensions, make it possible to replace systems of foreign suppliers. During the tests, BINS-2015 confirmed the declared functional characteristics and the accuracy of the accuracy parameters currently installed on board the RRJ-95 Laseref V. System. Currently, the system is being tested in the air, "said Vladimir Zverev, First Deputy General Director of KRET ".

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