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Preliminary results of tests of MC-21-300 aircraft on protection against water ingress into engines have been summed up
Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Irkut Corporation PJSC summed up the preliminary results of ground tests of the MC-21-300 aircraft, which confirmed the possibility of operating the airliner in the presence of water on the runway.

In the period from July 16 to July 22, 2020, the MC-21-300 aircraft performed 29 runs and 3 taxis on water at speeds from 10 to 150 knots (1 knot ≠ 1.852 km / h) with various mechanisation configurations and power plant operating modes, including the use of reverse thrust of the main engines.

The tests were carried out on the runway of the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airfield, where a "pool" with a length of more than 70 m and a width of over 20 m was mounted.

During the tests, the possibility of safe movement on a wet runway in a wide range of speeds was confirmed with trouble-free operation of the cruise and auxiliary power plants, as well as other systems and equipment of the aircraft.

In addition, during the tests, it was found that the MC-21-300 aircraft moves steadily and maintains controllability on the runway covered with water.

The progress of the tests was recorded by a complex of on-board measurements of the aircraft and a system of video cameras installed on the ground and on the aircraft.

The tests were carried out within the framework of the MC-21-300 aircraft certification program with the participation of representatives of authorised certification centres.

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