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Merlin Lite: 'Magic' ultralight
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Aeromarine is making the bold claim that their new Part 103 ultralight aircraft is truly revolutionary. "This is not your '1980s ultralight' claims designer Chip W. Erwin. "I know. I was there. Our new Merlin Lite has real aircraft features and appeal: seven windows, a cockpit door, decent baggage capacity and space, an instrument panel with an EFIS and GPS. And the list goes on."

The Merlin Lite is available as either trike or taildragger and features all-aluminum construction, dual independent hydraulic brakes, tundra tires, 5-position flaps, pushrod controls with bearings, and a large luggage area, with the CG envelope to use it. The huge 50 degree Fowler flaps and tundra tires with independent dual brakes make the Merlin Lite an ultralight bush plane.

Based on the Merlin, a popular single-seat personal sport aircraft that costs under $40k and cruises at 120mph, the Merlin Lite's cockpit is almost as large as the Merlin's, but the powerplant is scaled down and the 3-D tapered wing aspect ratio is increased.

The Merlin Lite is available finished or can also be built as an Experimental and flown with a sport pilot or even glider license as a motor-glider.

The cantilevered high wing means no lift strut which makes the Merlin Lite quite easy to get in and out, a feature with increasing importance. Plus, the large baggage area can carry a full-size airline roll on, camping gear, or even your favorite pet.

In addition to the enclosed cockpit with a proper door, air vents, and 7 windows, other 'magic' features included in this true Part 103 Ultralight are electric trim, an EFIS with artificial horizon and GPS, a dual-ignition, liquid-cooled and electric start engine with an EMS. The 12VDC system also includes a USB charger outlet for a phone or iPad. Options include cabin heat and defroster, temper foam seats, and long range fuel tanks (in E-AB class).

And yes, the introductory of $35,500 includes a BRS 500 rescue system. The order book is now open and current waiting time (depending on configuration and options) is five months.

When configured as an ultralight, the Merlin Lite meets the FAA's Part 103 rules, which means no license, medical, registration or certification is required.

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