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Kanfit successfully completes remote installation of new Scholz autoclave desite COVID-19 restructions
Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Kanfit Ltd. announced that it has successfully completed installation of its new autoclave and that it is in full operation. The SCHOLZ 27' x 8.2' (8.2m x 2.5m) autoclave was installed at Kanfit by its technical team according to Scholz specifications. The installation was performed via cell phone video calls between Kanfit in Israel and Scholz in Germany.

"The new autoclave arrived at our factory at the same time as COVID-19. We quickly understood that Scholz would not be able to send a technical team to Israel for installation as planned," explained Shachar Fine, Kanfit's EVP of Business Development, Sales & Marketing. "It was a difficult situation. We already had orders to fill, and any interruption in production would have been costly to Kanfit and to our customers. We are grateful to SCHOLZ for going above and beyond in getting the new autoclave up and running in the same amount of time as if they would have physically been here on-site."

"These are extremely complicated times", said Marius Graeber, Managing Director of SCHOLZ. "Never before have we encountered such a situation. It was either wait until the COVID-19 crisis ended or take action—and I am happy to say we were up for the challenge."

"It is also important to note that the autoclave's water treatment system was designed in-house," said Shachar Fine. "The system allows for the cooling of all Kanfit's autoclave processes and is supported by a cooling tower and heat exchanger with two water cycles."

The autoclave is currently undergoing qualification processes in-house in accordance with customer requirements. Kanfit has already produced aerospace components in the autoclave that are more than six meters in length.

The new autoclave is in addition to Kanfit's ASC 18' x 7' (5.5m x 2.1m) autoclave which has been in operation since 2015.

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