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Solar Atmospheres preferred aerospace supplier
Wednesday, 23 September 2020

In August, 2020, Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania (SAWPA) participated in a Boeing Supplier Assessment. The on-site, preventative engagement resulted in zero findings and Solar, once again, achieving preferred status for Heat Treating, Hardness, and Non-Destructive Liquid Penetrant Testing.

Notably, SAWPA added a state-of-the-art metallurgy lab, since Boeing's last visit, and will be seeking D1-4426 approval for process codes 802 and 803 by end of 2020.

Quality Manager, Melissa Gruszka states, "Adding a full-time metallurgist, technicians, and in-house lab capabilities gives us many significant advantages. We can provide more expertise, better quality, and shorter lead times; enabling us to better serve Boeing and all others."

Approved Scope Highlights:

- BAC 5613, 5616, 5617, 5619, AMS 2774, HP1-25, DPS6.33, MIL-H-81200, AMS-H-81200 [Heat Treatment of Alloy Steels, Corrosion Resistant Steel, Nickel-Cobalt Base Alloy, Wrought Nickel Alloy & Cobalt Alloy Parts, Titanium & Titanium Alloys]

- BAC 5423, BSS 7039, ASTM-E-1417, HP6-13 [Penetrant, Liquid Penetrant, Fluorescent]

- AWS C3.6 [Furnace Brazing].

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Solar Atmospheres of Western PA Inc. Stress Relieving, Inspection Service, Vacuum Processes, Heat Treatment, Brazing
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