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Otto Aviation targets 2027 for delivery of zero emissions aircraft
Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Otto Aviation recently announced the Celera 500L, a flight-tested full-scale prototype aircraft that is dramatically more efficient than any aircraft in its class. Otto's clean sheet design achieved this breakthrough in drag reduction by maximizing laminar flow across the airframe and control surfaces. The current version of the Celera 500L is powered by the highly efficient Raikhlin Engine Development A03 turbo diesel engine that can operate on either Jet-A or Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Flight test results show the Celera 500L has already delivered emission reductions of 80% less than comparable aircraft.

Laminar flow technology and selection of clean-sheet configuration choices allows Otto to achieve practical ranges with zero emissions propulsion earlier than competing designs. Otto is designing the initial production version of the aircraft to accommodate zero-emission propulsion systems that can be retrofit into delivered aircraft. "We're excited that the initial designs are delivering on the comfort and ranges desired by potential customers," said Otto Aviation CTO David Bogue. "The volumetric capacity of the fuselage and specific configuration choices allows our design to adopt either hydrogen or battery electric propulsion. We're eager to build upon the initial version of the 500L and deliver a zero emissions version of the aircraft." Otto projects that a viable zero emission aircraft will be available by 2027.

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