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First Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council visits Irkut plant
Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The First deputy secretary of the Security Council Vladimir Bulavin visited Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAZ) – Irkut Corporation branch.

V.Bulavin viewed the main facilities, examined the technical modernization process, communicated with engineers and staff personnel of the plant. The First deputy secretary's special attention was attracted by new manufacturing shops for serial production of new generation combat-training Yak-130 aircrafts.

The general director of IAZ Alexander Veprev mentioned that a number of digital technologies had been applied into production process of Yak-130 that helped to cut down production cycle and expenses and improve the quality. Currently, Yakovlev Design Bureau and Irkut Corporation specialists work in the 4th Center of combat application and retraining of the flight personnel of the name of V.P.Chkalov where intensive night-and-day test flights are being held. Manufactures and flight tests participants transfer their experience of Yak-130 maintenance to Air Force specialists, carry out training and certification of tech-engineer staff, supervise exploitation process.

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