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Bartini eVTOL company has introduced its future four-seater design by ItalDesign
Wednesday, 16 September 2020

On May 16-18, the Technology Alliance presented at the 12th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia-2019 the concept of the urban air taxi system and the new type of public transport people will use in the near future. One of the Alliance members, eVTOL developer Bartini has made a special report on the progress and its new design developed in cooperation with ItalDesign.

As a part of McFly Urban Air Mobility Alliance, Bartini has exhibited at the McFly Booth, where the concept and different technologies and components of the future possible urban air taxi system were presented. As a part of the exhibition, a rich business program was held, and Bartini CEO Ilya Khanykov particularly told about the vision and these components. In the course of a presentation, different Alliance members and its technologies were highlighted.

"Variety of efforts is required and many products need to be put together into a technology stack to create optimal conditions for the eVTOL operations. As passengers, we will be interacting with those products, and as a developer, I am happy to present some of that awesome tech to you." — said Ilya Khanykov, CEO to Bartini and Advisor to McFly Alliance.

One of the important components in the emerging air taxi industry is an aerial vehicle, and Bartini presented its new design developed in cooperation with ItalDesign. Visitors could also try a VR-simulation and immerse themselves into the future vehicle's splendid interior, as well as find themselves looking at the skies of the city, where air taxi will be an ordinary part of people's everyday life. One of the simulations also allowed guests to find themselves inside the future airport that will form one of the many nodes of such a system. Thus, visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the aerial vehicle, architecture, and the emerging city infrastructure.

The design aroused great interest and was greeted by visitors and exhibitors very warmly. Not only correspondents from leading Russian media noted the participation of Bartini in this major exhibition as an achievement in the development of the emerging industry, but the reputable industry players as well recognized the potential of the new aviation sector. utilizes the practice-driven approach to help cities to prepare for, adapt to and implement air mobility systems. Within the current and developing regulation, based on the best technologies from top providers the Alliance brings the benefits to local communities, aiming to create jobs, as well as business and investment opportunities.

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