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Lithium-ion battery now available for Robinson R44
Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Robinson Helicopter Company recently added the TB17 lithium-ion battery to its R44 options. TB17 by True Blue Power, a division of Mid-Continent Instrument, offers substantial weight savings, improved starter performance, and longer life.

At 16 pounds, the TB17 is substantially lighter than the R44's standard 29.5-pound battery, reducing the helicopter's overall weight by 13.5 pounds. Lithium-ion chemistry provides a higher voltage than lead-acid batteries for improved starter performance. The lithium-ion battery's internal heater ensures optimal performance in cold temperatures as low as -40°C. Typical battery life is 8 years with minimal required maintenance (visual inspection and capacity check) every 2 years.

The TB17 battery passed rigorous manufacturer and FAA tests to ensure safety. An indicator light on the instrument console's annunciator panel warns the pilot if a battery fault is detected. During fault conditions, the battery automatically takes itself off-line. Built-in circuitry prevents overcharge and/or overheating, and the TB17's advanced Nanophosphate® chemistry is much less susceptible to thermal runaway than many other Lithium-ion batteries.

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Robinson Helicopter Company Airframer
True Blue Power Power Conversion Equipment, Airborne Electrical Power Supplies, Lithium-ion Batteries, Battery Chargers/Analysers, Inverters
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