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Sonatest Veo3 third generation advanced phased array flaw detector
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

A pioneer in the non-destructive testing industry for more than 60 years, Sonatest is proud to launch Veo3 – Advanced Phased Array Flaw Detector.

Retaining the best features of the established Veo line, the new Veo3 now offers a PCAP touch interface, user templates, and more importantly, live TFM. What really makes Veo3 stand out is its live concurrent multi-scan / multi-technique capabilities.

What does multi-technique mean? For some time, it has been widely recognised and accepted that welds can be inspected using both Phased Array and TOFD. Imagine an instrument that can not only perform live TFM but also concurrently present PA and TOFD in one single acquisition. As the three inspection techniques are complementary, the Probability of Detection is significantly increased. Furthermore, the time saved is considerable: one pass, one setup, one file, one position reference, one analysis.

Build your expertise with Confidence

Even though the Total Focusing Method (TFM) is now a popular inspection method, there are still a limited number of TFM certified technicians in the workplace. TFM can be misleading, especially if the wrong propagation mode is selected. With the Veo3 multi-scan capabilities, it is now possible to simultaneously produce TFM and phased array scans. This complementary imaging technique improves not only the Probability of Detection but also the confidence of the experts who carry out the inspections.

"It is now common knowledge that the incorrect selection of a TFM propagation mode for an application could lead to an undetected flaw. With Veo3, having the ability to simultaneously produce PA and TFM scans lowers the risk of missing a flaw and give technicians added peace of mind" explained Yvan Gosselin, Technical Director at Sonatest.

Efficient Compliance

The Veo3's multi-technique functionalities, which combine PA with TFM, allow users to benefit from the additional resolution and sizing performance of TFM – all while performing inspections to an already approved phased-array procedure. Get all the required information to make the right call.

"Sonatest understands the challenges of NDT inspection. Every day, crucial decisions are made based on the evaluation of critical components. These decisions have both massive financial and security impact. Therefore, the additional information provided by the multi-technique of Veo3 is so valuable. Moreover, adding PA scans can often make the inspection fully compliant.", said Francois Lachance – Product Manager at Sonatest.

Innovation built to last and outperform in multiple industries.

Built on more than 60 years of dedication and knowledge, Veo3 integrates the latest technologies available to offer an impressive 6 hours of battery life in a modern, rugged, and lightweight enclosure. The Veo3 can generate TFM images of up to 500K pixels with a maximum resolution of 100 pixel per mm – and without limiting the number of pixels per axis. Phased Array, TFM and TOFD can be combined simultaneously for up to 8 scans.

Veo3 has everything required to adequately serve all industry sectors, including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, forging, power generation or oil and gas.

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