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KAI-Seoul National University signed an MOU for a joint research cluster for future aircraft
Thursday, 29 April 2021

On the 29th, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed a business agreement with Seoul National University (SNU) on the 29th to secure core technology for future aircraft.

The contents of the agreement are future aircraft, data science-intelligence, discovery of joint research projects in the field of next-generation rotorcraft power systems, establishment of a joint research cluster for future aircraft in Siheung campus of Seoul National University, cultivation of specialised research and technical personnel.

It is expected that positive synergies will occur by leading the development of future aircraft technology changes and securing key element technologies in accordance with mutual cooperation between KAI, which is conducting research in the field of future vehicle technology, and Seoul National University, which is conducting research on certification of future vehicle systems.

The future aircraft is a field that is attracting attention as a representative next-generation innovative industry, collectively referring to new concept air transportation means such as urban aviation mobility (UAM), personal vehicle (PAV), and flying cars.

KAI is the only aerospace system company in Korea with core competencies related to air mobility and has built up the capability to develop aircraft systems such as the T-50 advanced trainer and Surion mobile helicopter.

Seoul National University built an unmanned moving vehicle research building with a runway and a control center in Siheung Campus in October 2020.

KAI President Hyun-ho Ahn said, "The future aircraft will become a new standard in the coming era. We will secure new growth engines."

Seoul National University President Oh Se-jeong said, "We look forward to contributing to strengthening competitiveness and setting strategic directions in the field of future aircraft in Korea."

KAI plans to focus on securing a competitive advantage in the global aerospace industry in the future based on cooperation with major institutions leading the research in the fourth industrial field including the future aircraft field.

KAI signed a business agreement with Israel's IAI in March to cooperate with the manned and unmanned complex operation system, and is also pursuing technology acquisition for the development of the next-generation unmanned aerial vehicle with ELBIT.

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