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New Robinsons include enhanced audio alerts
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Recent updates to onboard instruments and audio systems have allowed Robinson to incorporate enhanced audio alerts across its model lineup.

All new Robinson helicopters now provide the low-RPM horn as an audio alert through crew headsets rather than instrument-panel-mounted speakers. In addition, a headset audio alert for high RPM has been added.

New R66s also have a headset audio alert for high torque or high gas temperature. This alert is equivalent to the First Limit Indicator found in some larger turbine helicopters. It warns the pilot when nearing either operating limit without the need to continuously monitor multiple engine instruments. (Reaching the N1 RPM limit is highly unlikely in the R66.)

Company president, Kurt Robinson noted, "Providing the warning as an audio alert rather than a visual indicator enhances safety by allowing maximum heads-up flight."

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