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Yamaha Motor and ShinMaywa sign joint research agreement for next-generation small aircraft
Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. have signed an agreement for the joint research of next-generation small aircraft.

Under this agreement, Yamaha Motor will explore avenues for adapting its small-engine technologies to the aviation industry. ShinMaywa will adapt its aircraft engineering technologies and expertise—garnered through the development of flying boats and various other aircraft—to designing concepts, constructing prototypes, conducting tests, verify autonomous technology and more for small aircraft.

Both companies will use this joint research endeavour to explore possibilities for the commercialisation of next-generation small aircraft, and take into consideration the direction and future of the project based on market interest and other factors.

Contact details from our directory:
ShinMaywa Industries Ltd. (Aircraft Division) Airframer
Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. (Aeronautics Operations) Airframer