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UAV Corp (UMAV) subsidiary, Research in Flight (RIF), and Auburn University continue development of the DATT MA 600 Electric Extended Range Airship
Monday, 14 June 2021

UAV Corp's Skyborne Technology, Inc. (STI), Research in Flight (RIF) as Prime contractor and Auburn University are now prototyping the DATT MA 600 Electric Extended Range Airship with Modular Payload (e2RAMP) under the 1St phase of Air Force AWERX contract aerial transport platform for civilian and military support missions. With support of AWERX, a United States Air Force program, the three partners have recently launched Phase I leveraging proprietary aerospace software for the design of a sub-scale flying prototype. This prototype will serve as a platform for testing and data collection in preparation for a proposed full-scale vehicle with modular composite structures to lighten the aerial platform for additional payload capability including eVTOL (vertical and takeoff and landing) drones that can be launched and recovered via the airship (DATT System). Also, the DATT SMA 600 semi-rigid airship is being designed with a modular hull configuration to enter into the heavy lift and transportation markets.

"We are quite pleased with the progress of the manufacturing of the DATT MA 600 prototype stated Michael Lawson CEO of STI." The prototype is currently scheduled for its maiden flight in late summer 2021.

"Vehicle Systems, Dynamics and Design Laboratory (VSDDL) at Auburn University is pleased to be involved with this Agility Prime project. We look forward to collaborating with Skyborne and Research in Flight and using our sizing and simulation experience to pursue the objectives of this project," stated Dr. Imon Chakraborty.

"We at Research in Flight are very pleased to team with Skyborne Technology and Auburn University to develop highly advanced airship technology using cutting edge engineering and design tools," stated Dr. Roy Hartfield."

"Our next generation airship combines the proven semi-rigid airship design with advance propulsion and aerodynamic lifting capabilities. This unique design coupled with onboard eVTOL drones give both long term surveillance and transmitting capabilities coupled with immediate close inspection in real-time. Conventional airship and drone technologies have not previously combined these features allowing the DATT MA600 a vast array of mission that can be performed. The support we have received from local and federal sources in both the development and production of this product have been instrumental in our rapid prototyping and planned deployment of this cutting-edge technology," stated Billy Robinson Chairman of UAV Corp.

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Research in Flight (RIF) Data Analysis, Computer-aided Analysis
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