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Skyworks Aeronautics announces the selection of Eagle Technologies to prototype the eGyro electric aircraft rotor system
Monday, 19 July 2021

Skyworks Aeronautics Corp. ("Skyworks") announced the selection of Eagle Technologies, LLC ("Eagle"), an industry leader in the development of rotor blades and unique rotary wing air vehicle systems, to design and fabricate the rotor system for the Skyworks' eGyro electrically powered aircraft.

The Skyworks eGyro has been designed to leverage the fundamental safety and performance advantages of a gyroplane to create a runway independent system that provides a practical approach to intra and inter-city passenger transport. With an autorotating main rotor, which allows the aircraft to land safely with even a complete loss of power, the eGyro is fundamentally safe and overcomes a key limitation of many electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) system concepts. Electrification of the powertrain has enabled innovative design solutions that are no longer restricted by conventional technologies.

"We envision the eGyro at the forefront of enabling advanced runway independent aircraft," said Ashish Bagai, eGyro Chief Engineering Advisor to Skyworks.

"This program fits precisely within Eagle's charter to play an integral role in advancing the state of the art in VTOL technologies. We are proud to be selected to support this program and we are very much looking forward to an extremely successful effort in collaboration with the exceptional Skyworks team!" said Bruce Bailey, Eagle's President.

"We are pleased to have an opportunity to leverage Eagle's extensive experience with rotor system development. We anticipate that Eagle's participation in the eGyro program will accelerate our path to first flight", said Don Woodbury, Skyworks' Chief Technology Advisor.

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