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PACE design and analysis software to support UK's FlyZero zero-carbon emission aircraft initiative
Friday, 23 July 2021

TXT Group company PACE, a leading provider of pioneering aerospace and aviation software, announced that it will supply licenses of its preliminary aircraft and systems design suite Pacelab APD/SysArc and its route and aircraft economic analysis tool Pacelab Mission Suite to the Aerospace Technology Institute's (ATI) FlyZero project. Led by the ATI and backed by the UK Government, the project is investigating the design challenges, manufacturing demands and market opportunities of zero-carbon emission aircraft.

Developing concepts for a sustainable future for aviation calls for a re-evaluation of every single design aspect, from fuselage and wing geometry to propulsion and fuel systems. FlyZero's multidisciplinary, collaborative approach plays to the strengths of the Pacelab APD/SysArc platform, which streamlines the setup of unconventional aircraft configurations, integrates proprietary methods and analysis tools, and provides sophisticated MDO capabilities, including the option to offload compute-intensive trade studies to an HPC server cluster.

"Having created a range of different scout aircraft the FlyZero engineers are now working on the design and development of three zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts. These concepts will be the basis for developing the manufacturing roadmaps, economic analyses and sustainability assessments which will support the UK aerospace sector in gearing up for the next generation of aircraft," said David Debney, FlyZero's Chief Engineer for Whole Aircraft Integration. "Pacelab APD/SysArc provides us with crucial design and performance data for strategic technology decisions."

PACE Managing Director Fabio Ortalli added: "PACE is fully committed to building a more sustainable future for aviation, through supporting innovative aircraft designs as envisioned by FlyZero, but also by enabling cost and eco-efficient flight operations. Like all companies in the TXT Group ecosystem of excellencies, we think sustainability in everything we do, from operations, to product innovations, to investment decisions."

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