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The flying car (eVTOL) developed by teTra has been certified as an experimental aircraft in the United States and has begun flight tests for sale.
Thursday, 2 September 2021

Tetra Aviation Co., Ltd., which sells pre-orders for the new model Mk-5, which was first unveiled in July 2021, has acquired Special AC in the United States as a milestone for delivery in 2022. Along with that, we started unmanned flight tests in open air. It will be sold as a kit plane after a manned flight test.

Tetra Aviation Co., Ltd. developed a new model Mk- in Japan on August 16 (US time). We have obtained 5 (reading: Mark Five) certification (registration number: N155TA) for conducting flight tests in the United States.

We coordinated with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA * 1) and applied for a test flight permit (special airworthiness certificate * 2 and flight permit * 3) in order to carry out test flights of the actual aircraft in the United States. However, it was approved safely after undergoing document screening and on-site inspection.

Therefore, not only in the United States but also in Japan, it will be possible to fly as a demonstration experiment with the permission of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism each time a test flight is carried out.

Currently, we are conducting a test flight at an airport near San Francisco. We will continue to acquire reservations as an eVTOL for home-building machines for individuals including the United States and Japan, and we plan to deliver by the end of 2022.

Tetra Aviation Co., Ltd. is a startup from the University of Tokyo that develops a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL), a so-called flying car, established in 2018. In February 2020, we won the Disruptor Award from Pratt & Whitney at the GoFly International Aircraft Development Competition, making us the only team to win the final prize in the final round of the tournament. After the end of GoFly, we have been developing a sales model while raising funds.

In the future, we will first develop the eVTOL for personal use, develop mass-produced eVTOL based on feedback from purchasers, and provide aircraft for two-base movement services such as flight at the Osaka Expo in 2025.

In addition, we are soliciting investment from operating companies and others for joint development based on capital relationships.

* 1 Obtained Special AC (Special Airworthiness Certificate) and COA (Certificate of Waiver or Authorisation) from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

* 2 The Special AC is a certificate for research and development aircraft that can be safely flown in the US airspace. It was issued by FAA after submitting various documents and application forms showing the safety and operation procedures of the target aircraft, and conducting on-site inspections by DAR.

* 3 A flight permit (COA) is a permit required for operation in US airspace. The aircraft to be operated and its operation plan will be submitted to the FAA, and after the FAA's examination, permission will be granted. Tetra has applied for and approved a COA at Byron Airport in California, USA.

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